Vedant Jain

Vedant Jain
Vedant Jain is an OSCP Certified Security Researcher with a strong background in web development and Bug Bounty Hunting. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, he is an Independent Security Researcher, conducting thorough penetration testing on web applications, APIs, and networks. Vedant's passion for security extends beyond his work, as he actively contributes to Open Security Communities and has presented as a featured speaker at prestigious events like Null, OWASP, and Hack The Box. With a commitment to continuous learning, Vedant remains at the forefront of industry trends and shares his expertise to advance cybersecurity practices.

Talk / Workshop
Bounty Track

Empowering Security: Unveiling Company Triggers from the Customer Side of Bug Bounty Program

Behind every successful bug bounty program, there is a strategic decision-making process by the organization. The decision to launch a bug bounty program is often influenced by specific Most important clearing the bridge between customer and bug bounty hunter So a bounty hunter can see the other side of bug bounty from the Triagers prospect.

In this session, we aim to provide bug bounty hunters with a comprehensive understanding of the customer side of bug bounty programs how a customer look into a submitted bug by a bug bounty hunter and the process of selecting applications for onboarding on Bug Bounty platform

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